About us

Born in 2023, Snagged & Bagged was sparked by a squad of style enthusiasts on a mission to pair customers with their perfect looks, offering unbeatable prices along the way.

We carry an eclectic mix of top designers and brands for men, women and kids. But here's where we stand out - we specialize in offering competitive pricing on styles that are just too good to be forgotten. Think of us as the fashion alchemists, turning last season's leftovers and those elusive one-off sizes into your favorite finds.

Our secret? Returns. One (wo)man's junk is another (wo)man's treasure. You could say we're a bit like matchmakers, pairing misunderstood items with their forever closets. We believe that every purchase that didn't work out the first time has a home, and that home is not in a landfill. We believe in the magic of the right fit - in style and in business.

So snag it --- and bag it --- at a satisfying price.